More Roundtables – Actors & Actresses

This is a follow-up to my previous post, “Actors on Acting – Face to Face.” The Actors Roundtable was just made available, so I’m including it here with the Actresses Roundtable. I prefer the term “actor” for both male and female, but these roundtables use traditional labels, so I’ll use them, too.

All of these actors and actresses and their films are awards contenders this season. So, staying traditional, ladies first. (The roundtables run about an hour each.)




And now the guys.


One thing: Adam Sandler got robbed by not getting a Best Actor nomination for Uncut Gems. Just my opinion. I didn’t even want to see the movie, until I did, and he knocked me out. Okay, that’s all for now. — Ted Hicks


About Ted Hicks

Iowa farm boy; have lived in NYC for 40 years; worked in motion picture labs, film/video distribution, subtitling, media-awards program; obsessive film-goer all my life.
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  1. David M Fromm says:

    You are probably correct, but the choices are good.

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