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Friction Fiction #2 — “Do Not Be Afraid”

The following story was written some time ago while I was a member of the Riverside Writers’ Group, an excellent fiction workshop led by the equally excellent Bill Roorbach in the late ’80s here in New York City. It’s autobiographical, … Continue reading

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“The Conjuring” — Ooga Booga Not So Much

According to its opening weekend box-office of $41.5 million, The Conjuring was the number one movie in America last week. Having seen the film, I can only conclude that this represents a triumph of marketing over actual content. In addition … Continue reading

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Friction Fiction #1– “Just Like He Looks”

I have a number of short stories I’ve written over the years, and would like to start sharing them here. I’ll be sneaking these in under the “etc” part of my “Films etc.” blog title. My good friend David Blacklock, … Continue reading

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Famous Monsters & Me — Pt. 3: Pulp Fiction

As I’ve already established in the first two installmentsĀ of “Famous Monsters & Me” (posted last year on May 17 and December 11), at an early age I developed an intense love of science fiction and horror in all its forms … Continue reading

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“Sing Me the Songs That Say I Love You” — Fare Thee Well

“A Celebration of Kate McGarrigle,” a tribute concert honoring the music and memory of the Canadian singer-songwriter was held at Town Hall in New York City on May 12 and 13, 2011. She had been diagnosed with cancer in 2006, … Continue reading

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