Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood – Supplemental

Here is a selection of interviews, articles, video features, and music re Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.



Print interview with Robert Richardson, Director of Photography, followed by a video interview with Richardson and others.




Filming on location, July 23/24 and October 22/23.


In the projection booth during a 35mm showing of Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.


Period music used in Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.



Vanilla Fudge’s extra-heavy version of “You Keep Me Hanging On” that accompanies the apocalyptic climax in Rick’s house.


John Cale’s “Leaving It Up to You,” a cut from his 1975 album Helen of Troy, featuring the lyric, “We could all feel safe like Sharon Tate.” It’s a very creepy line. His vocal becomes increasingly tortured and demented as the song progresses, as only Cale can. It’s extremely twisted and really great. And one more example of how Sharon Tate has been appropriated by the Manson murders.


Damon Herriman, who plays Charles Manson in Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, also appears as an older Manson interviewed in prison in the fifth episode of the current season of Mindhunter, streaming on Netflix. The actor gets around. He was Dewey Crowe in the Timothy Olyphant series Justified on FX (2010-2015), and was Anna Torv’s transgender ex-husband in the Australian series Secret City on Netflix (2016).


I didn’t know until yesterday that a stuntman, Donald Shea, had been murdered at the Spahn Movie Ranch later in the month after the murders at the Polanski home on August 8 & 9, and at the La Bianca home on August 10. This was the obvious inspiration for Cliff Booth’s tense trip to the Spahn Movie Ranch in Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, though that plays out played out quite differently.



Joan Didion re the Manson murders and the “end of the Sixties”



Sharon Tate in Hollywood – New York Times


A Hollywood ending


Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, with Quentin Tarantino in the back seat. That’s all for now. — Ted Hicks


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