New York Film Festival 2021 – Supplemental + Dune in IMAX

For those who’d like a deeper dive, here are interviews and Q&As for films cited in the previous post. I realize that these may be of more value once you’ve seen the films, but I want to make them available. Pick and choose as per your interest.



Since Dune was shot in IMAX, I knew I wanted to see it that way, even though I’d seen it in a smaller screen format at the Walter Reade Theater just three weeks earlier at the New York Film Festival. I went yesterday and was startled to see that it was an almost an entirely different film. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but that’s what it felt like. Relationships and events became clearer to me. The physical scale of the production had greater weight. I especially became more aware of the significance and power of Hans Zimmer’s majestic music score. Duncan Idaho (Jason Momoa), my favorite character in the film, registered more strongly than many of the others when I first saw Dune, and even more so in this format. There’s a clarity and dimension to the image and sound that wasn’t there before. It’s really something to see it play out on the full IMAX screen. Dune takes place on a desert planet. It was shot in the Wadi Rum valley of Jordon, the principle desert location for Lawrence of Arabia. This is probably why there are portents of the David Lean film in the closing scenes of Dune. Clearly I am besotted with the IMAX version.

Dune will be playing in IMAX at the AMC multiplex on 68th Street and Broadway for only a few more days. It has to make room for the next blockbuster, The Eternals.

NYFF Q&A with director Denis Villeneuve and composer Hans Zimmer. Run time is 23:42.

Director and cast interviews by Stephen Colbert. Run time is 17:22.


The Velvet Underground

The following interview with director Todd Haynes wasn’t available when I posted Part One of my NYFF coverage, so I’m including it here. Run time is 15:01.


C’mon  C’mon

NYFF interview with director Mike Mills, Joaquin Phoenix, and Molly Webster. Run time is 17:33.


The French Dispatch

NYFF Q&A with director Wes Anderson and cast members. Run time is 24:09.


Power of the Dog

NYFF Q&A with director Jane Campion and Benedict Cumberbatch (50:05)

NYFF interview with cinematographer Ari Wegner. Run time is 30:00.

Jane Campion interviewed by Sofia Coppola. Run time is just over an hour.


Hit the Road

NYFF Q&A with director Panah Panahi. Run time is 1:00:49.



Interview with director Rebecca Hall. Run time is 26:55.

Interview with Rebecca Hall, Ruth Nega, Tessa Thompson. Run time is 21:49.


Parallel Mothers

NYFF Q&A with director and cast members. Run time is 46:38.


That’s all for now. Happy Halloween! See you next time. — Ted Hicks


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