Another One Bites the Dust — Happy New Year from Films etc.

It’s been a good year for film and television, but pretty grim otherwise, both nationally and globally. I just hope that the creature in the White House finally implodes without taking the rest of us with him. That said, here’s hoping for better times ahead. More movies and more seasons of Babylon Berlin and My Brilliant Friend.


“Through a Different Lens,”the exhibit of Stanley Kubrick photographs at the Museum of the City of New York, was originally slated to end on October 28, but has been extended to January 6.  This is a great show. If you’re in the New York City vicinity, and haven’t checked this out, I urge you to do so before it leaves. I wrote about the exhibit earlier this year in the first installment of my 4-part Stanley Kubrick saga, which can be accessed here.


While looking for images to include in this post, I ran across the following. They may not all be literally New Year’s greetings, but I like them. Particularly this one depicting a fresh-faced young lad observing a bunch of drunken pigs celebrate the new year. I’m just trusting my gut here.


The closing scene of John Ford’s great film The Searchers also feels right to close out the year. Here it is.

And to really put a cherry on top, here’s Bugs and the gang.


Stay tuned for reports of what I liked in 2018. See you at the movies. — Ted Hicks


About Ted Hicks

Iowa farm boy; have lived in NYC for 40 years; worked in motion picture labs, film/video distribution, subtitling, media-awards program; obsessive film-goer all my life.
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  1. David M Fromm says:

    …and happy new year to you 1

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